My Love For Africa is a referral program that pays cash.

Get paid to refer friends !

When your friend makes a purchase on high value goods or assets they want to buy you get paid just because you introduced them to the My Love For Africa Referral program that pays you cash whenever they make a qualifying purchase. Have you ever thought that it would be this easy to get paid to refer friends ? Well the answer is yes ! What do you need to do ? The answer is simple. First you need to register on our website. Secondly you tell us what it is that your friend want to buy and provide us with all the necessary information. We will then hook your friend up with our qualified and trustworthy partners or suppliers and once they make a purchase you get paid.

How many times have your friends told you that they want to buy something ?

Well do you know that you could have made a lot of money just because they told you that they want to buy a new car, bike, boat, trailer, house etcetra. 

How do you benefit from your referral ?

A Referral is an unseen product that has a money value attach to it. You must have the means and knowledge to turn that referral into money. We do that for you.

How does your friend benefit from this ?

Your friend will only work with businesses and people whit high ethical standards. We make use of big established businesses that have a reputation of exceptional client service. Any problem that we or our clients experience is been attended at the head office. We want only the best for our clients.

How does our partners benefit from this ?

Our partners benefit from the referrals that we provide them with that you our friends send to us. Our partners sell some item to your friend that is satisfied with the purchase. The partner pays us a referral fee that we pay over to you the friend. It is our focus to ensure that every referral result in a referral fee that our friends receive for their effort by sending the information.

Who will pay me my referral fee and when ?

Our partner will pay the referral fee over to us once the transaction was completed. We will then in turn pay the referral fee over to you by means of e-wallet. Referral fee will only been paid out when your friend make use of our partner that contact him and a transaction was successfully done.

What if our partners don't pay us ?

First of all we dealing with head office and if one of the partners doesn’t pay the referral fee over to us, we would add that bad behaviour to head office. We would also block that individual from doing any business. That person’s information would be added to the page of blocked businesses. We would go out of our way to get the referral fee.

Have any questions or need any help ?

If you have any questions feel free to send an email or whatsapp us.